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Archivists without Borders (AwB) is an international network of associated chapters in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain, France, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay. Founded in Barcelona, Spain in 1998, its main objective is to promote cooperative efforts among archivists to provide aid and resources to countries whose documentary heritage is in danger of disappearing and/or of suffering irreversible damage. A particular emphasis is placed on the protection of human rights and the promotion of accountability through the archives.

AwB International is governed by an International Charter (2008) and by the Regulations of the International Coordination Council of AwB International (2009).

United States

In February 2012, a core working group met to formally discuss the necessity and logistics of starting a chapter of Archivists without Borders in the United States chapter. This group recognized a growing number of archival professionals who are interested in the work AwB does in support of human rights, endangered archives, and underrepresented communities and wanted to act on this enthusiasm. Spurred by the desire to be part of an international, collaborative community, AwB can serve as a network for information and advocacy, a clearinghouse for relevant news and information, and a hub for volunteer activities within and outside United States borders. The core working group believes that there are endangered archives, underrepresented communities, and other projects in the United States that merit professional attention.

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4 responses to “About Us

  1. I love the description of the U.S. chapter. It addresses perfectly how we tie in with the international organization.

  2. “starting a chapter of Archivists without Borders in the United States chapter”. You probably want to remove the last “chapter.”

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