End of June update

A few months ago, the Core Working Group put out a call for officer nominations, and you’re likely wondering about how the process of elections turned out. We feel that it is important that we are transparent about all of our processes, whether it has to do with elections, incorporation, or developing on-the-ground projects. One of our initial decisions was to keep the membership involved and aware, in order to be a representative of the kind of organizations we would like to see throughout the profession.

After the closing of the nomination cycle and vacant nominee pool, we realized that we needed to refocus our efforts on the smaller things first, namely spreading the word about the organization; devoting more time to the incorporation of the organization; setting up a database to take in member applications sooner rather than later; and working on an on-the-ground project to figure out organizational resource needs. We made a decision to build the organization more horizontally at first by establishing three committees—the Incorporation Committee, Service Project Committee, and Membership Committee—that are currently working hard at their tasks. By the end of the year, thanks to the work that the committees have undertaken, we look forward to accepting applications for membership and initiating more on-the-ground projects. By late summer 2014, we will be ready to host another election cycle.

We hope over the next year that you consider becoming more closely involved with AwB, U.S. Chapter and run for a position. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in contact us at awb.us.chapter@gmail.com.


Call for officer nominations

Nearly one year after the core working group started talking about creating a US chapter of Archivists without Borders we are excited to announce the first call for officer nominations. We want to encourage everyone to think about running!


You can find the specified duties for these offices in the proposal.

Vice President/President-Elect

  • Will perform the duties of both Vice President and President as outlined in the bylaws for the next six months. We will hold a special election for a new Vice President/President-Elect in August, at which time this individual will become the President for the specified two years from that date.
  • Reach out to other organizations to build awareness about AwB.


  • Perform the duties of Secretary as outlined in the bylaws.
  • Oversee membership efforts including forming any necessary committees, building membership database, working closely with AwB Liaison, etc.


  • Perform the duties of Treasurer as outlined in the bylaws.
  • Oversee and coordinate the Incorporation committee.


  • Perform the duties of Liaison as outlined in the bylaws.
  • Oversee and coordinate Service Project committee.


Because this is the first election, we are running it a little differently than usual. Nominations will be open from today until February 18. Voting will be open from February 22-28. Only individuals who are on our mailing list will be allowed to vote. Announcement of officers will be March 1.

In order to nominate yourself, please send us an email with the following information:

  • Name, current geographic location
  • Office you are running for
  • Photograph of yourself
  • What would you bring to the office?
  • How would you like to see AwB develop over the next two years?
  • Why are you excited about AwB?

First committee members

Announcing our marvelous committee members!

Incorporation committee

  • Scott Ziegler
  • Grace Lile
  • Katie Nash
  • Claudia Willett

Service project SAA 2013 committee

  • Bertram Lyons
  • Amy Carney
  • Maria Lin
  • Mary Anne Hamblen
  • Angela Vanderbilt
  • Elizabeth McGorty

Thank you for volunteering! The committee liaisons will be contacting you shortly to set up the your first meeting.

We will be announcing information about elections on Monday, so check back then.

Reminder: Call for Committees

We are still looking for volunteers to serve on committees. This is a perfect opportunity to channel your enthusiasm for AwB and what we can accomplish.

In particular, we are looking for more individuals who want to plan the service project at SAA 2013. You do not have to be attending SAA in order to serve on the committee.

Please email us before January 31!

Call for committee members

It is the new year and we are still working to get AwB moving. In 2012, we were focused on creating the founding documents and generating interest. In 2013, we want to start this organization. In order to do so, we need you to volunteer to serve on one of our committees.  Please email us to express your interest by January 31. We will announce committee members February 1.

Qualifications: commitment to seeing your initiative through.

Service Project Committee

Archivists without Borders, US Chapter is planning to sponsor a service project at the 2013 SAA Annual Meeting in New Orleans. Committee volunteers would work to plan and coordinate the service project, under the guidance of Core Working Group Liaison, Amanda Strauss.

Incorporation Committee

The Incorporation Committee, under the guidance of Core Working Group Liaison, Adam Zimmerli, will be in charge of research, planning, and drafting of documents to aid in the non-profit incorporation of AWB, US Chapter.

Interested? Email us today!


Elections and membership notes

At this juncture, as a result of extremely productive conversation at MARAC a few weeks ago and because of the nature of the 501(c)3 process, the working group for AwB has decided that it is time to expand the number of people involved in getting this organization running. This is happening in two ways.

First, we will be holding an election for executive officers. Details are still being fleshed out, but we need these positions filled in order to move forward with the 501(c)3 paperwork. Plus, it is time to start working on projects as promised!

Second, we are looking for people to form three ad hoc committees on the following topics: nonprofit incorporation; membership database construction; and digital initiatives, which will initially pertain to website creation.  For the committee on nonprofit incorporation, we are looking particularly for individuals who have legal and/or accounting experience.

Look for more information on these two initiatives in December. This is your first opportunity to get directly involved with this organizations and we expect an overwhelming number of people volunteering for a committee or running for an officer position.

Unfortunately, we will be unable to accept formal applications of membership on January 1st, as originally planned. We want to ensure that we build a sustainable infrastructure, so that we are able to meet the needs of our members and the communities we aim to eventually serve well into the future. We do want to encourage everyone to continue to follow AwB on social media sites and our website.

If you have any questions or suggestions please let us know by emailing us or leaving a comment here.


This is just a brief update to let everyone know that we are busy filling out paperwork to incorporate Archivists without Borders so we can officially process  membership. We are also planning an election in the upcoming months, so think about whether you would be interested in serving on the first Executive Council. Finally, three of the working group members, Joel, Adam and Erin, will have a panel at MARAC this upcoming Saturday. It will be an informal presentation on the work we’ve done so far and where we’re hoping to go with plenty of opportunities for input and questions. If you’re attending the conference, we would love to see you there!