AwB-US will become a registered 501(c)3 which grants the organization tax-exempt status, allows the organization to make and receive donations, but not participate in political lobbying. Upon completion of 501(c)3 filing, we will apply to become an NGO and apply to Archivists without Borders – International to become an officially affiliated member.

Membership dues will be applied to operational costs for AwB-US. These costs include, but are not limited to:

  • Printing of promotional materials
  • Fees for a web domain and listserv
  • Banking fees

We will seek additional funding sources for educational programming and specific projects.


6 responses to “Finances

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  2. The only question I have right now is, will AwB plan to do either conferences, unconferences, workshops, etc…? And if you do, would you members fee for such events?

  3. Sorry, I meant to ask, what would be the fees for members for such events?

  4. This questions is related to my question on the Phase 1 and 2 Page:

    Would it ever be the case that member fees are used for direct involvement in the collecting, arrangement and description of records? Is it the mission of AwB-US to physically send members to areas to help start or maintain an archive?

    Specifically: How active would members be in actually building (and/or directly aiding the formation) of archives for specific communities, and is this is something member fees would go toward?

    Again, great work with all of this difficult planning!

  5. Also, and I know this would be repeating information stated elsewhere, it would be good to see in this section a statement regarding who in the organization is responsible for financial matters. Possibly a referral to where in the documentation one could find the full explanation of who handles finances.

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