Archivists without Borders U.S. supports the goals of Archivists without Borders International, which are:

1. To protect, conserve, organize and disseminate documentary heritage in danger of disappearance or irreversible damage, through the design, coordination, development and dissemination of plans, programs and projects, including actions for the safeguarding and recovery of documentary heritage related with guaranteeing the human, individual and group rights of citizens.

2. To raise social awareness of the usefulness of conserving and using archives to ensure respect for the rights of citizens, government accountability, support for researchers, and as a basis for economic, social, scientific and technological development and the fostering of culture, recovery of historical memory and national identities.

3. To provide support for projects aimed at recovery, organization and dissemination of archives.

4. To foster social, human and solidarity-based relationships between archivists in the United States and abroad, as well as protection and respect for human rights.


2 responses to “Goals

  1. Mariecris Gatlabayan

    Rather than reference recommended changes, I wrote up my edits and pasted them below.

    Archivists without Borders U.S. (AwB-US) supports the goals of Archivists without Borders International, which include the charges:
    1) To develop plans, disseminate information, and implement programs and projects that safeguard, recover, and make accessible documentary heritage in danger of disappearing (lost?).

    I tried to simplify point number one. Hopefully I didn’t simplify it so much that it lost the intent. A question I had is do we need to define documentary heritage or do want to keep it as is hence giving us flexibility interpretation?

    2) To raise awareness of the archives’ utility in protecting human rights; holding governments accountable; supporting research; providing information that supports economic, social, scientific, and technological development; understanding diverse cultures; and enriching historical memory and national (or community?) identity.

    I also tried to simplify point number two as well. I changed “social awareness” to just “awareness.” I wasn’t sure if we need to define “awareness” to that level. To simplify the section further we could remove “support research” and keep “supports economic, social…” or vice versa. I put “community” in parentheses to reflect a comment made by Katja Hering in response to the second draft of the “Mission Statement.” By using “national,” using the term “communities,” we are less likely to fall into the trap of sociopolitical definitions of nations and political boundaries. Doing so reflects the complexities of national history in comparison to nationhood, which can alienate those who do not fit the mold outlined in “nationhood.” While national history (or history of the region?) should reflect the contributions of multiple communities, not just the majority.

    3) To develop relationships between archivists in and outside the United States that fosters an international collaborative community that protects and respects human rights.

    This point three is actually point number four in the current draft. I removed point three that is in the current draft because I believed it was reflected in point number one. I cribbed “international collaborative community” from the AwB-US “About us” section: (https://awbuschapter.wordpress.com/about-us/). I like the wording. I removed “social, human and solidarity-based relationships” to simplify the point, but also because I didn’t understand what the core working group meant. One way that might integrate the material I removed is to say, “… that fosters a united international collaborative community that protects and respects human rights.” What do you all think?

  2. Mariecris Gatlabayan

    Membership Categories
    Full Member: Open to any person of full legal age who
    • engages professionally in archival work in a public or private archive
    • works in a profession linked with archives
    • is a student currently enrolled in a graduate program linked with the archival profession or work.
    Full members can fully participate in AwB-US national and international projects; will have full voting rights within the organization; are eligible to hold elected offices; will receive copies of any publications created by AwB-US; and will have access to the AwB-US listserv.

    Friends of/Associate members: Open to all who are
    • interested in documentary heritage and archives
    • supportive of AwB-US mission and goals.
    Friends of/Associate members have all of the rights and responsibilities of a Full Member, but are not eligible to hold elected positions.

    I added bullets because it made it easier for me to read. I will not take any offense if you don’t adopt the bullet format! If you look at the bullet point under the “Full Member” was change “archivist work” to “archival work.” I omitted “electronic” in relation to publications. This gives the group flexibility in how they want to publish without being limited to the definition of publications in the membership section. Another recommendation I have is replacing “will receive copies of any publications created by AwB-US” to “will have access to copies of any publications created by AwB-US.” I wasn’t sure if the group would be emailing each new publication to members or if they would make them available in a members-only section.

    Membership Fees
    • Full Member
    o Unemployed/Under-employed: $35 per year
    o Student: $25 per year
    o Regular : $50 per year
    • Friends of/Associate members: $35 per year
    For Membership Fees, I just have one question: How do we define underemployed? Is it someone who work part-time?
    That’s all from me! Thank you again for the opportunity to participate in this process! It is exciting to see all the work you have done and are doing to get an AwB-US chapter going.If there is anything else I can do, please let me know!

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