End of June update

A few months ago, the Core Working Group put out a call for officer nominations, and you’re likely wondering about how the process of elections turned out. We feel that it is important that we are transparent about all of our processes, whether it has to do with elections, incorporation, or developing on-the-ground projects. One of our initial decisions was to keep the membership involved and aware, in order to be a representative of the kind of organizations we would like to see throughout the profession.

After the closing of the nomination cycle and vacant nominee pool, we realized that we needed to refocus our efforts on the smaller things first, namely spreading the word about the organization; devoting more time to the incorporation of the organization; setting up a database to take in member applications sooner rather than later; and working on an on-the-ground project to figure out organizational resource needs. We made a decision to build the organization more horizontally at first by establishing three committees—the Incorporation Committee, Service Project Committee, and Membership Committee—that are currently working hard at their tasks. By the end of the year, thanks to the work that the committees have undertaken, we look forward to accepting applications for membership and initiating more on-the-ground projects. By late summer 2014, we will be ready to host another election cycle.

We hope over the next year that you consider becoming more closely involved with AwB, U.S. Chapter and run for a position. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in contact us at awb.us.chapter@gmail.com.


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