Call for officer nominations

Nearly one year after the core working group started talking about creating a US chapter of Archivists without Borders we are excited to announce the first call for officer nominations. We want to encourage everyone to think about running!


You can find the specified duties for these offices in the proposal.

Vice President/President-Elect

  • Will perform the duties of both Vice President and President as outlined in the bylaws for the next six months. We will hold a special election for a new Vice President/President-Elect in August, at which time this individual will become the President for the specified two years from that date.
  • Reach out to other organizations to build awareness about AwB.


  • Perform the duties of Secretary as outlined in the bylaws.
  • Oversee membership efforts including forming any necessary committees, building membership database, working closely with AwB Liaison, etc.


  • Perform the duties of Treasurer as outlined in the bylaws.
  • Oversee and coordinate the Incorporation committee.


  • Perform the duties of Liaison as outlined in the bylaws.
  • Oversee and coordinate Service Project committee.


Because this is the first election, we are running it a little differently than usual. Nominations will be open from today until February 18. Voting will be open from February 22-28. Only individuals who are on our mailing list will be allowed to vote. Announcement of officers will be March 1.

In order to nominate yourself, please send us an email with the following information:

  • Name, current geographic location
  • Office you are running for
  • Photograph of yourself
  • What would you bring to the office?
  • How would you like to see AwB develop over the next two years?
  • Why are you excited about AwB?

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