Business meeting review and update

A few things in this post today. Please take the time to read carefully as there are some important instructions about how the proposal ratification process will work.

First, apologies for our long radio-silence. The end of summer put a bit of a wrench in our momentum, but we’re hoping to pick up and move forward with enthusiasm.

Second, thank you to everyone who showed up at our meeting at SAA. It was a very productive time in which we clarified some issues and explored a few new ideas you all brought to the table. One of the most exciting ideas was to include a service component to the membership requirement. This would develop in a few different ways, but would work to make the organization a stronger network. For those of you unable to attend, minutes from the meeting can be downloaded here as a pdf: 2012-08-09-ADM-SAA_Meeting_Minutes. Please take a minute to read them over and share comments with us.

Third, we are moving forward with the upcoming vote for the ratification of the proposal. In order to be eligible to vote, you MUST be on our email list by this Friday night. On Sunday, the 9th, we will send the ballot/survey via email to our list of interested members only. If you have not signed up to be on our mailing list, and want the opportunity to vote for or against the final proposal, please send us an email immediately. The final proposal will be added to the website then, and voting will be open for one week.

Fourth, and finally, we are exploring the possibility of proposing a panel on the work of AwB for SAA next year. If you have ideas about a good topic, are interested in being part of the proposal, want to hear about an issue in particular, we need to hear from you. Send us an email, or leave us a comment!


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