Regional associations

Your bags are packed, you may be on the jet plane, but before you attend the AwB meeting at SAA on Thursday, please take a minute to think about item 2.B on our agenda: Proposal of regional chapters.

AwB-US will have an national governing umbrella, the General Assembly. We envision that projects, outreach, and advocacy efforts will largely be carried out on the regional level. We have divided the United States into seven regions that roughly mirror existing regional archives organization: New England, Mid-Atlantic, Southeastern, Midwestern, Mountain Western, Southwestern, Pacific Western. Each of these regions has two representatives that will participate in the General Assembly.

Currently there are no procedures in the bylaws for regional groups to organize or associate themselves with AwB-US. Since you will be the individuals working on the ground in the regions, we need your input on the best way to start building these groups. How are they to be organized, run, and made sustainable? We anticipate a lot of discussion about the practicalities of these efforts. Please give it some thought before the meeting.

Again, if you are unable to attend in person, please email us with your input

This is has been a very successful process, largely due to your continued input. We look forward to meeting with you all on Thursday, 12pm, Saphire 400. Please come say hello to us throughout SAA. We will all be wearing an Archivist Without Borders button and would like to get to know you.

Safe travels!

Joel Blanco-Rivera
Erin Faulder
Jasmine Jones
Mario Ramirez
Amanda Strauss
Adam Zimmerli


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