Phase 3

It is with great pleasure we announce release of the third phase of the proposal and give you the schedule of events leading up to the proposal’s ratification.

We have once again been overwhelmed by the conscientious comments on the second phase. Although we cannot incorporate all of the comments, we hope that many of the issues you have raised have been addressed in some small measure. The phase one and two sections are now combined on a single page as we move to draw all the threads together to present a comprehensive proposal. Please look it over and leave any additional comments you may have.

The new material consists of an organizational structure, limited comments on financial considerations, and the organization’s bylaws. The latter represents a great deal of effort to incorporate your thoughts and discussions as we worked to build a solid foundation. Many of the sections will sound familiar as they reflect the work done through phase 1 and 2. Since AwB must comply with the International organization, we borrowed a significant amount of the language and structure from the International Charter and Spain’s Articles of Association.

Finally, the plan moving forward:

  • We welcome your comments on all parts of the proposal for the next month.
  • August 1 we will release a final draft of the proposal, with changes as needed, for your review prior to the meeting on August 9.
  • The August 9th meeting (time and place to be announced when finalized) will be your opportunity to discuss and offer up final revisions for the complete proposal. For those of you unable to make it to the in-person meeting, we will welcome final comments via the website as before.
  • A vote to approve or reject the proposal following the August 9 meeting will be taken by September 1, details on this process to follow.

Comment on this draft

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