Proposal phase 1 update

The first two sections of the proposal, since we opened it up for comments two weeks ago, have been part of some exceptional discussion. Thank you to those of you who have contributed thus far. If you have not joined in, please take some time to do so!

We wanted to let you know that the working group has reviewed your comments and are working to edit the proposal accordingly. Revised versions will be posted for your further review and comments this weekend. We will send out notification when that occurs. Changes will include better titling of the background statement with more information about our chapter specifically, acknowledgement that public documents are not limited to those in a particular political system, clearer relationship between AwB and the public, and emphasis on the relationship between identity, memory and cultural diversity.

Part of the process to become an affiliated member of the International Archivists without Borders organization is to become an NGO. We are looking for people with some experience or know-how in this process. If you are part of an NGO currently, set one up in your past, or have some knowledge of the legal process, please contact us at with the subject line “NGO help.”


One response to “Proposal phase 1 update

  1. Looking forward to reviewing the updates! Thanks again for this opportunity to assist!

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